Bibliography of Guided Choice

The following articles discuss the concepts of Guided Choice –with approval

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The interest in Guided Choice among business users continues to increase. This article, which explains the popularity, was just published by Corporate Dispute Magazine is Written by Laura Kaster, formerly a Jenner & Block partner and in-house counsel for AT&T and by Michael Leech, formerly a partner at Hinshaw & Culbertson and immediate past president of the Association of Attorney Mediators. The article starts on pg. 44.
To read more click here

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Most commercial disputes will be settled and not tried. Expert expense and internal distraction increase in direct proportion to the time spent litigating prior to settlement. Clients are asking “Why can’t the dispute be resolved earlier to reduce the process expense and business disruption?” But one party’s counsel has a limited ability to make it happen sooner…To read more click here

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“There are, however, ways mediators can empower parties to come to grips with these realities. As process facilitators, mediators may help parties appreciate the influence of cognitive factors on negotiations using approaches such as Guided Choice. 186 They may also facilitate parties’ focus on key factual issues and focused information exchange, 187 or targeted binding or nonbinding decisions by judges or arbitrators that could lay the groundwork for resolution of conflict.188 Even where substantive issues cannot be resolved in mediation, mediators may nevertheless focus on facilitating agreements regarding dispute resolution process elements and helping parties to set the stage for arbitration proceedings with features that are effectively tailored to the issues at hand.189” (references are to footnotes in the article)

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Media Releases

Lurie and Lack on Guided Choice, The Business Conflict Blog
By: F. Peter Phillips,

The October 2014 issue of Dispute Resolution International (the journal of the Dispute Resolution Section of the IBA) features an excellent article by Chicago mediator/arbitrator/attorney Paul Lurie and Swiss/Israeli mediator/attorney Jeremy Lack on “Guided Choice Dispute Resolution Processes: Reducing the Time and Expense to Settlement.”  As the title suggests, the logic of the piece stems from the fact that nearly all business disputes are resolved, and that savings are therefore best realized by reducing the time between commencement to resolution. To read more. click here

AGC Consensus Docs

ConsensusDocs Coalition, Dec. 11th, 2013.

Paul Lurie , “An Efficient Mediation process” (Brussels Belgium, 2014)

Stibbe, Sept. 30th, 2014.

Global Pound Conference Series 

Global Pound Conference Series 2014, Shaping the Future of Dispute Resolution and Improving Access to Justice