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Using Guided Choice to Increase Satisfaction with the Value of Mediators (2016) AAA Education Department  90 minutes self-paced online study with slides. . Faculty: Adrian L. Bastianelli III, Steven W. Paul, Paul J. Van Osselaer, Michael J. Leech, Karl Bayer, Denise Madigan. (1916)

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Guided Choice-Innovations in Mediation to Get Better Settlements at Less Cost. (2014) AAA Education Department  90 minutes self-paced online study with slides. . Faculty: Adrian L. Bastianelli III, Laura Kaster, Paul M. Lurie (2014)

Written Resources

Lurie, Paul, and Mark Becker, Dean Thomson, William Geisen.  “How Guiding Mediators Can Help You Get Earlier Settlements and Reduce Legal Expense“. May 2019.

Paul Lurie, Paper, ” Guided Choice Arbitration Dispute Resolution: Real Time Customization of the Settlement Process to Fit the Dispute,”  Mediation and Arbitration in Real Estate and Construction Disputes. Strafford Seminars, April 6, 2011.

Use this excerpt from the IMI OLE! Checklist to help the parties determine their BATNA, WATN and PATNA. Batna from OLE


New York Law School ADR Skills Program: Managing  Business Disputes: the Benefit of Early Intervention  Faculty: Noah Hanft (CPR), Peter Benner, Roland Schroeder (GE) and Paul M. Lurie. Remarks of Paul M. Lurie (November, 2014)

The Agenda of the New York Law School Program from which the video was taken

Excerpt from Paul Lure’s talk at NY Law School: :
Paul M. Lurie Guided Choice, New York Law School, November 2014